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A 1925 Advertisement For What Product Gave Us The Saying Often A Bridesmaid But Never A Bride?
A 2010 Study By IBM On Commuter Pain Revealed Which Of These Cities Has The Most Painful Commute?
A Person Who Suffers From Gamophobia Has An Exaggerated Fear Of What?
A Phillumenist Is A Collector Of What?
A Popular Franchise Got Its Start In 1950 When The Open Kettle Of Quincy Ma Changed Its Name To What?
A Popular Novelty Item Since The 60s Lava Lamps Primarily Contain Water And What Colored Lava Like Substance?
A Popular Pastime The World Over Karaoke Is A Japanese Word Which Roughly Translates To What?
A Rare Achievement Which Of These Actresses Won Both An Oscar And A Tony For Playing The Same Role?
A Rare Example Of A Word That Rhymes With Orange The Blorenge Is A What?
A Resident Of Sesame Street Since 1969 Green Garbage Loving Oscar The Grouch Was Originally What Color?
A Sistine Chapel Fresco Depicts God And Adam Almost Touching Which Two Of Their Outstretched Hands?
A Southpaw Boxer Is Typically Left Handed But Which Of These Terms Describes A Right Handed Fighter?
A Wine Steward Found At Fancier Restaurants The Word Sommelier Comes From An Old French Term For What?
According To Bill Cosby Instead Of Obstetrician Cliff Huxtable Was Originally Going To Have What Job?
According To Billy Crystal When He Hosts The Oscars He Keeps What Toiletry Item In His Pocket As A Good Luck Charm?
According To Common Estimates What Are The Odds Of Finding A Four Leaf Clover?
According To Crayola Which Of These Products Will Help Remove Crayon Stains From Washable Clothing?
According To Doris Roberts Everybody Loves Raymond Doesnt Air In What Country?
According To George Lucas What Character In 1977S Star Wars Is The Driving Force In The Movie The Object Of Everybodys Search?
According To Greek Myth Persephone Was Forced To Spend Part Of The Year In Hades After Eating What?
According To Harrison Ford It Came Down To Him And What Other Actor And Great Dancer To Play Hans Solo In Star Wars?
According To His Autobiography Which Of These Oscar Nominated Films Is Bill Clintons Favorite Movie?
According To Hollywood Lore What 2007 Eddie Murphy Critical Flop Ruined His Chances Of Winning An Oscar For Dreamgirls?
According To James Camerons Titanic Paintings By All But Which Of These Notable Artists Went Down With The Doomed Vessel?
According To Legend What Historical Figure Died Of A Nosebleed On His Wedding Night?
According To Legend What Looney Tunes Character Was Born In A Warren Under The Old Dodgers Stadium In Brooklyn?
According To NASA What Is The Only Planet In The Solar System That Would Be Able To Float In Water?
According To Pixar When The House In Up Floated Across South America How Many Balloons Were Holding It Up?
According To Seth Macfarlane The Voice Of Stewie On TVs Family Guy Is Based On What British Actor?
According To The Academy What Actor Was The First To Receive A Posthumous Oscar Nomination?
According To The Bureau Of Engraving And Printing What Was The Average Cost Of Producing A New Currency Note In 2010?
According To The CDC The Average Height Of A US Adult Male Is Closest To Which Of These?
According To The Census Bureau When Was The Worlds Population Approximately Half Of Its 2012 Total?
According To The Federal Reserve Board What Was The Average Cost Of Producing A New One Dollar Bill In 2011?
According To The Japanese Toy Company Sanrio What Is Hello Kittys Full Name?
According To The Oxford English Dictionary What Politician Was First To Refer To A Late Night Flight As A Red Eye?
According To The Population Reference Bureau About How Many People Have Ever Lived On Earth?
According To The United Nations Who Is The Most Widely Translated Author In The World?
After Calcium What Is The Second Most Abundant Mineral In The Human Body?
After Nitrogen And Oxygen What Is The Third Most Abundant Gas In Air?
After Ronald Reagan Was Shot In 1981 What Boxer Did He Quote When He Said Honey I Forgot To Duck?
After The Wright Brothers Historic Flight How Long Did It Take For Man To Walk On The Moon?
After Visiting The Moon Several Apollo Astronauts Have Reported That Moondust Smells Like What?
All But Which Of These Classic Sitcoms Was Based On A Similarly Successful TV Series In England?
All But Which Of These Famous Movie Lines Earned Its Speaker An Academy Award For That Role?
All But Which Of These Funny Celebrities Hosted An Awards Show In 2011?
Allegedly The Monthly Cost Of A Baby In 1989 What Did Maggie Originally Scan In At The Opening Of The Simpsons?
Also The Name Of Harry Potters Beloved Mentor Dumbledore Is An Old Fashioned Word For What?
Among His Foes Which Of These Wizard Spells Is Considered To Be Harry Potters Signature Move?
An Iconic Sports Photo Taken On May 25th 1965 Depicts Muhammad Ali Standing Over What Defeated Opponent?
An Important Aztec God Quetzalcoatl Was Depicted As A Feathered Version Of What Animal?
An Oscar Winner For Best Screenplay Which Of These Slangy Phrases Does Not Appear In The Very Slangy Film Juno?
And Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free Is Etched In The Lobby Of What Agencys Headquarters?
Anthony Hopkins Has Said Hannibal Lecters Voice Is A Mix Of Truman Capote Kate Hepburn And What Movie Character?
Appearing Briefly In The 2000 Film About Her Life The Real Erin Brockovich Is Credited As Julia The What?
Approximately How Long Does It Take For Light From The Sun To Reach The Earth?
Approximately How Much Saliva Does The Average Human Adult Produce Each Day?
Aristotle Wrote That What Animal Though Immune From Other Illnesses Is Occasionally Subject To Flatulency?
As Chefs Know The Two Succulent Bits Of Meat On The Back Of A Chicken Just Above The Thigh Are Called What?
As Detailed In The 2010 Film How Did Penny Chenery Come To Own The Legendary Racehorse Secretariat?
As Of 2010 Approximately How Many Social Security Numbers Have Been Assigned Since The First In 1936?
As Of 2010 Which Of These Countries Has Elected Not One But Two Female Presidents In Its History?
As Of 2011 What Is Africas Most Populous Country?
As Of 2011 What Massive Hit Song Holds The Record For Most Weeks Spent At The Top Of The Billboard Hot 100 Chart?
As Of 2011 Which Of The Following Has Never Been A Flavor Of Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream?
As Of 2011 Which Of The Following Is Not The Name Of A Color Found In A 120 Count Box Of Crayola Crayons?
As Of 2011 Which Of These Historic People Has Not Been Depicted On A Pez Dispenser?
As Of 2012 Actors Have Won Oscars For Playing All But Which Of The Following British Monarchs?
As Of 2012 Which Of These Musical Artists Has Never Won An Oscar For Best Original Song?
As Proven On A David Letterman Will It Float?Segment Which Of These Items Floats In Water?
As Revealed In The Series Finale Of Seinfeld What Is The Soup Nazis Name?
As Scar In The Lion King Jeremy Irons Repeats What Famous Line From Reversal Of Fortune?
As Specified On His Twitter Page Barbies Boyfriend Ken Has What Last Name?
Aside From Voiceover Narration Which Of These Actresses Won Her Oscar For A Primarily Non Speaking Role?
At Just 21 Who Was The Youngest Woman Ever To Receive An Oscar For Best Actress?
At The Age Of 19 What Future Politician Married His 26 Year Old High School Geometry Teacher?
At The End Of Casablanca Ilsa Leaves Behind Her Beloved Rick To Board A Plane Bound For What City?
At The End Of The 1984 Movie Romancing The Stone Jack Colton Names His Long Awaited Sailboat What?
At The End Of The Deer Hunter Meryl Streeps Character Leads The Other Mourners In A Rendition Of What Song?
At The Royal Wedding William And Kate Shared A Romantic Balcony Kiss As Grace Williams 3 Year Old Goddaughter Did What?
At The Time He Was Discovered By Music Executives In 1954 Elvis Presley Was Working As A What?
Baby Ruths Creator Claimed His Candy Bar Was Named Not For A Ball Player But For What Presidents Daughter?
Because Fast Food Chains Are Banned By Law There Which Of These Islands Is Not Home To A Mcdonalds?
Because It Is Surrounded By Land Which Of These Seas Is Actually The Worlds Largest Lake?
Because It Was Unavailable In New England In 1621 Which Of These Foods Could Not Have Been Eaten At The First Thanksgiving?
Because Its Spelling Was Not Firmly Established At The Time What Word Is Misspelled On The Liberty Bell?
Because Its Thick Atmosphere Filters Out Blue Light The Surface Of Venus Appears To Be Mainly What Color?
Because Of Its Easternmost Location Which Of These Island Nations Is The First To Ring In The New Year?
Because The Number Is Similar To The Word For Death Chinese High Rise Buildings Often Lack What Floor?
Because Theyre Written In Common Meter Most Emily Dickinson Poems Can Easily Be Sung To What TV Theme Song?
Before A British Family Adopted Him Kids Lit Paddington Bear Lived In Peru And Had What Name?
Before Becoming A Novelist What Man Came Up With The Ad Slogan Im A Toys R Us Kid?
Before Becoming An International Singing Star Julio Iglesias Briefly Played What Sport Professionally?
Before Becoming The Go To Music Industry Magazine Billboard Focused On Which Of These Subjects?
Before Being Replaced Who First Played The Title Alien In The 1987 Schwarzenegger Action Film Predator?
Before Changing It To Yesterday Paul McCartneys Beloved 1965 Song Originally Began With What Odd Lyric?
Before He Adopted The J What Was Michael J Foxs Middle Name?
Before He Was A Legendary Wild West Gunslinger John Doc Holliday Was What Type Of Doctor?
Before His Film Career Took Off What Actor Played A Hotel Manager On A Short Lived Golden Girls Spin Off?
Before Switching Career Paths What Prominent American Studied Clarinet Performance At Juilliard?
Before The American Colonies Switched To The Gregorian Calendar On What Date Did Their New Year Start?
Before The Motorcycle Gang You Would Most Likely Find Hells Angels Written On Which Of These?
Bluetooth A Wireless Technology Used To Link Mobile Devices Is Named For A Former King Of What Country?
Boasting Over 200 Film Credits Whom Does Guinness List As The Most Portrayed Character In Film?
Born Aristocles It Is Believed Plato Got His Name From His Wrestling Coach Who Called Him Platon Meaning What?
Born Marguerite Johnson What Writer Adopted Her Professional Name While A Dancer At Cabaret?
Born With The Less Cool Sounding Name Walter Which Of These Actors Prefers To Go By His Middle Name?
Boy I Got Vision And The Rest Of The World Wears Bifocals Is A Famous Line From Which Of These Classic Paul Newman Movies?
Bravos Acclaimed Inside The Actors Studio Made Its Television Debut In 1994 With What Guest?
Brides In What Country Place Sugar Lumps In Their Gloves To Ensure A Sweet Life?
Brittle In Its Original Form What Type Of Plastic Must Be Softened To Make Jelly Sandals?
Bromhidrosis Is More Commonly Called What?
By Definition A Stertorous Person Does What Noisily?
By Definition An Ecdysiast Has What Unusual Job?
By Definition Deglutition Is A Medical Term For What?
By Definition Eustatic Change Is A Worldwide Alteration In What?
By Tradition What Dish Has Been Served Daily At The Restaurant Of The US Senate Since The Early 1900s?
Celebrated On The First Day Of May Primero De Mayo Is The Mexican Equivalent Of What US Holiday?
Chomolunga Or Goddess Mother Of The World Is A Local Name For What Natural Wonder?
Coffee Beans Are Actually The Pits Of A Sweet Tasting Fruit Called What?
Coined In Recent Years The Term Ludology Often Refers To The Academic Study Of What?
Common On American Idol A Run Or Singing One Syllable Across Many Notes Has What Technical Term?
Commonly Used In The Shower A Loofah Is The Fibrous Interior Of Which Of The Following?
Composed By John Williams The Familiar Theme Song Of NBC Nightly News Has What Title?
Considered One Of The Best Racehorses Of All Time Phar Lap Was The National Pride Of What Country?
Considered The Fastest Men In History The Apollo 10 Astronauts Returning From The Moon In 1969 Reached What Top Speed?
Consisting Entirely Of Whistling The Unusual Language Silbo Gomero Is Native To Which Of These Places?
Contrary To Popular Belief Robert E Lees Surrender Took Place Not In A Courthouse But In Whose Home?
Costing About 2500 As Of 2010 The Tata Nano Is A Car Built And Targeted For Sale Chiefly In What Country?
Coveted For Its Flavor And Relatively Healthy Fat Content Wagyu Is A Variety Of What Type Of Meat?
Debuting In 1997 What Hunky Actor Was The Very First Celebrity Guest On The Long Running Talk Show The View?
Decades Before Wikileaks The Leaked Pentagon Papers Were Classified Documents About What US Event?
Deltiology Is The Study Of Collecting What Everyday Object?
Derived From The Greek Word For Fire Pyrexia Is Another Term For What Medical Condition?
Despite Their Similar Names John Luther Adams And John Coolidge Adams Are Two Very Different Modern What?
Diamonds Being The Hardest Which Of These Gems Is The Second Hardest According To The Mohs Scale?
Diaphoresis Is A Medical Term For What Condition Which Might Be Caused By A Difficult Trivia Question?
Dim Sum A Meal Of Varied Dishes Originating In Chinese Translates Loosely Into English As A Little Bit Of What?
Due To Its Strict Obscenity Laws Which Of These Countries Once Published A Version Of Playboy Without Any Nudity?
During The Cold War The US Government Built A Bunker To House Congress Under What Golf Resort?
During The Titanic Disaster What Nearby Ship Was Accused Of Ignoring Its Distress Signals?
During Their Historic First Flight At Kitty Hawk The Wright Brothers Plane Traveled About How Far?
During World War Ii US Soldiers Used The First Commercial Aerosol Cans To Hold What?
E Gary Gygax Is A Hero To Generations Of Nerds Because He Co Created What?
Eleanor Roosevelt Famously Described What Group As Having The Cleanest Bodies The Filthiest Minds The Highest Morale?
Ending With A Beautiful Friendship Whats The First Part Of The Famous Last Line Of Casablanca?
England Coronated Queen Elizabeth Ii In 1953 How Many Years After The Death Of Queen Elizabeth I?
Equivalent To Twenty Bottles Which Of These Large Bottles Of Champagne Holds The Greatest Volume?
Every One Of Nadya Sulemans Octuplets Has What Name?
Every Single Baseball Used In The US Major Leagues Is Painstakingly Hand Sewn In What Country?
Excluding Honorary Awards Which Of These Computer Whizzes Actually Earned A College Degree?
Excluding Its Fifty Six Signatures The Declaration Of Independence Ends With What Word?
Expressed Using Old Fashioned Slang Terms For Money Which Amount Is Equal To Twenty Dollars?
Exuberant Recipients Often Comment On The Heaviness Of The Oscar Statuette Which Weighs In At What?
Famed For Its Biodiversity The Galapagos Islands Have Belonged To What South American Country Since 1832?
Famous Pediatrician And Author Dr Benjamin Spock Won An Olympic Gold Medal In What Sport?
Famously Cited In Romeo And Juliet Which Of These Gestures Was Considered An Insult In Elizabethan Times?
Featuring A Stick And A Ball Kolven Is Thought To Be A 1300s Dutch Forerunner Of Which Of These Sports?
Featuring Scenes Lit Only By Candles What Kubrick Film Is Famous For Its Limited Use Of Artificial Light?
Fetching A 3.9 Million At Auction In 2011 A Record For A Photograph Untitled Number 96 By Cindy Sherman Depicts The Artists Doing What?
Fetching Over 30000 John Lennons Rotten Tooth That Was Auctioned In 2011 Was Which Of The Following?
For A Climactic Scene In The Film Suspicion Alfred Hitchcock Famously Hid An Illuminated Light Bulb Inside A What?
For A Device He Created That Aids Buoying Vessels Over Shoals Who Is The Only US President Ever Awarded A Patent?
For His Contributions To Food Technology Frenchman Nicholas Appert Is Known As The Father Of What?
For Ordering His Favorite Beverages LBJ Had Four Buttons In The Oval Office Coffee Tea Coke And What?
For The 2005 Film Guess Who? A Reported 100000 Dollars Was Spent To Digitally Remove Ashton Kuchers What?
For Which Of These Classic Films Did Every Single One Of Its Credited Cast Members Receive An Oscar Nomination?
Forgoing An Agent What Actor Allegedly Forces Filmmakers To Call A 1800 Number And Leave Voicemails?
Forty Times Longer Than The US Constitution What States Constitution Is The Longest In The World?
Founded In 1865 What Is The Oldest Continuously Published Weekly Magazine In The United States?
Founded In 1885 Washington DCs Gridiron Club Is A Prestigious Organization For What Professionals?
Founded In 1964 The Restaurant Benihana Takes Its Name From A Japanese Phrase Meaning What?
From 1638 To 1655 Parts Of Present Day Delaware New Jersey And Pennsylvania Formed What Short Lived Colony?
From 2005 To 2011 What Movie Held The Top Spot As Netflixs Most Rented DVD?
Gangster John Dillinger Was Shot Outside Chicagos Biograph Theater After Watching What Film?
George Washington Had Numerous Pets And Dogs Including Two Not Presidential Names?
Girl Detective Nancy Drew Made Her Debut In The 1930 Book Titled The Secret Of The What?
Granting His Last Wishes Hunter S Thompsons Ashes Were Disposed Of In 2005 In What Odd Way?
Held By Wild Bill Hickok When He Was Shot What Poker Hand Is Known As A Dead Mans Hand?
Henry James Famously Remarked That The Two Most Beautiful Words In The English Language Are What?
Housewife Josephine Dicksons Clumsy Mishaps Prompted Her Hubby To Invent What Product In 1920?
How Many US State Capitals Have The Word City In Their Name?
How Many Workers Sit On A Steel Beam Hundreds Of Feet In The Air In The Iconic 1932 Photo Lunch Atop A Skyscraper?
Huge In The 1700s What Wine Was Used To Toast The Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence?
Hypermobility And Ligamentous Laxity Are Two Ways Of Describing What Common Condition?
Ian Fleming Named His Greatest Literary Creation Fictional Spy James Bond After A Real Life What?
Icebergs That Are The Smallest In Size Are Classified As What?
If It Were Named For Its Founders First Names Instead Of Their Last The Harley Davidson Company Could Be Called What?
If Prince Charles Assumes The Throne And Uses Charles As His King Name What Charles Will He Be?
If The Countries Were Represented By Their National Flowers What Would Be The 2010 World Cup Final Match Up?
If You Added Jackie Robinsons Dodgers Jersey Number To Babe Ruths Yankees Jersey Number What Sum Would You Get?
If You Say Its The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread You Are Paying A Compliment To Whose Invention?
If You Suffer From Sideromophobia Which Of These Companys Vehicles Would Scare You The Most?
If You Were Tracking Animals And Found Prints With Four Toes Not Five Which Of These Animals Could They Belong To?
If Youre Good At The Kevin Bacon Game You Can Connect Marlon Brando Directly To Kevin Bacon Through Which Actor?
In 1667 The Dutch Traded Manhattan For The Tiny Indonesian Island Of Run Valuable For Its Abundance Of What Spice?
In 1773 The Boston Tea Party Was Staged By Angry Colonists Disguised As Members Of What Native American Tribe?
In 1871 Henry Stanley Found Explorer David Livingstone In Ujiji A Town In What Modern Country?
In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell Famously Shouted Mr Watson Come Here! Because He Had Just Done What?
In 1885 What Popular Soft Drink Was Invented At Morrisons Old Corner Drug Store In Waco Tx?
In 1892 Juan Vucetich Gained Notoriety As The First To Solve A Murder Case Using What?
In 1902 Willis Carrier Created Modern Air Conditioning When He Built A Humidity Controller For Use Where?
In 1909 Who Became The First President To Be Depicted On A Circulating US Monetary Coin?
In 1920 The Infamous Con Man Charles Ponzi Duped Investors In A Fraudulent Scheme Involving What?
In 1922 The Highest Air Temperature Ever Recorded 136 Degrees Fahrenheit Was Taken In What Country?
In 1925 Dogsledders In Alaska Mushed 700 Miles To Deliver A Serum That Halted An Outbreak Of What Disease?
In 1929 The Rights To What Fictional Character Were Donated To A London Childrens Hospital?
In 1935 The First Character Licensed Lunch Box Came Out Featuring Which Of These Characters?
In 1935 Which Of These Famous Men Co Invented The Perfusion Pump Predecessor To The Artificial Heart?
In 1939 The Tale Of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Was Created As A Christmas Promotion For A What?
In 1939 What Car Company Unveiled The Hydra Matic Drive The First Fully Automated Transmission?
In 1944 Frustrated Congressman Maury Maverick Coined What Word For Washington Jargon?
In 1951 What US Agency First Used A Univac The First Commercial Computer To Process Information?
In 1952 Tony The Tiger Debuted On Kelloggs Cereal Boxes Along With What Less Successful Mascot?
In 1962 John Glenn Became The First American To Eat In Space When He Ate What Food Out Of A Tube?
In 1963 What Soap Opera Was Interrupted By Walter Cronkites Breaking News Of The Kennedy Assassination?
In 1968 What Overzealous Airline Began Taking Reservations For Lunar Flights That Were Set To Take Off In 2000?
In 1969 Who Became The First Celebrity To Make A Guest Appearance On Sesame Street?
In 1973 What Major Tennis Tournament Became The First To Offer Equal Prize Money To Both Men And Women?
In 1974 What Product Became The First To Be Scanned By A Retailer Using The UPC Bar Code?
In 1980 The First 1 900 Number Was Used For What Television Event?
In 1982 The Very First Album To Be Released Commercially On Cd Was A Popular 1978 Lp By What Artist?
In 1982 Who Became The First Professional Baseball Player To Be Featured On A US Postal Stamp?
In 1985 David Letterman Aired His Top Ten List Top Ten Things That Almost Rhyme With What?
In 1986 Which Of These Famous Families Became The First To Have Three Generations Of Oscar Winners?
In 1990 80 Year Old Jessica Tandy Broke Whose Record To Become The Oldest Actor To Win An Academy Award?
In 1997 In The First Known Space Funeral Whose Ashes Were Released From A Rocket Into Space?
In 1997 The Idea For Netflix Was Hatched When Its Founder Was Charged A 40 Later Fee On What Movie Rental?
In 1999 Al Gore Famously Said I Took The Initiative In Creating The Internet To What Journalist?
In 2001 Which Of These People Was Named Honorary Sergeant Regular Army By President Clinton?
In 2007 What Eco Conscious City Became The First In The US To Ban The Use Of Plastic Shopping Bags?
In 2008 What One Word Did Google Add To Its Sparse Home Page In Order To Conform With California Law?
In 2009 After Decades Of Secrecy Mrs Butterworths First Name Was Revealed To Be What?
In 2009 Barack Obama Won The Nobel Peace Prize The First Sitting US President To Do So Since Whom?
In 2010 A British Mag Published Last Letter A Draft Of A Poem By Ted Hughes About What Poets Death?
In 2010 Britains Prince Charles Admitted To Often Engaging In What Odd Behavior Calling It Absolutely Crucial?
In 2010 Which Of These Movies Enjoyed The Vicennial Anniversary Of Its Original Release?
In 2011 Amy Chua Raised A Ruckus With A Memoir Of How She Had Been A Tiger Mother To Her What?
In 2011 Channing Tatum Admitted He Worked As A What Before Making It Big In Movies?
In 2011 Oprah Winfrey Made A Final Tear Filled Bow On Her Talk Show After 25 Years And How Many Episodes?
In 2011 What Company Ended Exxon Mobils Five Year Reign As The Worlds Most Valuable Public Company?
In A 1970 Speech What Group Of People Did Spiro Agnew Famously Describe As Nattering Nabobs Of Negativism?
In A 2011 News Story A Woman Used Pepper Spray To Wrestle An Xbox From Fellow Shoppers During What Stores Black Friday Sale?
In A Classic Scene From The Seven Year Itch Marilyn Monroes Skirt Flies Up As She Asks What Provocative Question?
In A Famous 90s TV Ad What Is The Name Of The Old Woman Who Says Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up?
In A Famous Line From The Film Amadeus Emperor Joseph Ii Critiques Mozarts Latest Composition By Saying It Has What?
In A Famous Scene From The 1960 Classic Film The Apartment Jack Lemmons Character Strains Spaghetti With His What?
In A Landmark 1993 Issue Of Superman The Man Of Steel Dies After A Titanic Battle With What Supervillain?
In A Memorable Scene From Oceans Eleven Brad Pitts Character Gives A Poker Lesson To All But Which Of These Actors?
In A Memorable Scene From The Movie Philadelphia Tom Hanks Interprets An Aria Sung By What Opera Great?
In A Military Flag Folding Ceremony The US Flag Is Folded How Many Times Until It Becomes A Triangle?
In A Now Notorious Episode Of Happy Days Fonzie Agrees To Waterski Over A Shark In Order To Do What?
In A Possible Allusion To Casablanca A Scene In The Sting Involves A Rigged Roulette Wheel Landing On What?
In A Scene From One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest The Mental Patients Stare At A Blank TV Screen And Pretend To Watch What?
In Abbott & Costellos Famous Whos On First? Routine What Is The Name Of The Team Being Discussed?
In Abbott And Costellos Famous Whos On First? Routine What Baseball Position Is Never Mentioned?
In All Seriousness The Satirical Newspaper The Onion Has Tried And Failed To Win What Prestigious Journalism Award?
In An Act Of Protest Marlon Brando Sent What Native American Woman To Refuse His Oscar For The Godfather?
In An Early Screen Role What Actor Played Hold Up Man In The 1988 Comedy Coming To America?
In An Iconic Series Of TV Ads Who Was The First NFL Player To Shout Im Going To Disneyland!?
In An Infamous Act Of Betrayal Benedict Arnold Arranged To Surrender What Military Base To The British?
In Both 2002S Chicago And 2003S Bringing Down The House Queen Latifah Plays A Character With What Last Name?
In Cb Radio Lingo The Question Whats Your 20? Is Actually Asking What?
In Cervantes Don Quixote The Main Character Becomes Delusional After Doing What?
In Charlotte Brontes Novel Jane Eyre Janes Planned Wedding To Edward Rochester Hits What Snag?
In Dances With Wolves What Was The Wolfs Name That Kevin Costner Danced With?
In Driving Miss Daisy The First Car That Hoke Drives Miss Daisy In Is A 1949 What?
In Edward Hoppers Painting Nighthawks A Sign Atop The Diner Advertises What Cigar Brand?
In Egyptian Mythology A Criosphinx Is A Figure That Has The Body Of A Lion And The Head Of A What?
In ET The Extra Terrestrial The Mischievous Alien Gets Snockered Drinking What Brand Of Beer?
In February 2010 Apple Revealed What Chart Topping Hit As The Most Downloaded Itunes Song Of All Time?
In Fireworks The Color Blue Is Created By Burning Compounds Of What Metal?
In France The English Channel Is Known As La Manche Meaning What?
In Good Will Hunting Will First Solves A Difficult Equation Attributed To What Mathematician?
In Her Highly Publicized Trial Casey Anthony Claimed To Have Left Her Daughter Int He Care Of What Fictional Nanny?
In Her Oscar Acceptance Speech What Actress Quipped All I Can Say Is Ive Loved Being Hated By You?
In Her Unusual Will Hotel Magnate Leona Helmsley Left 12 Million To Her Beloved Pooch A Maltese Named What?
In His Brief Career Actor John Cazale Appeared In Just 5 Movies All Oscar Nominated Including All But Which Of These?
In His Famous 1997 Acceptance Speech An Excited Cuba Gooding Jr Used What Phrase 14 Times?
In His Illustrious Career As A Daredevil Evel Knievel Attempted To Jump All But Which Of These Obstacles?
In His Only Commercial Endorsement Elvis Presley Sang A Jingle For What Product On A 1954 Broadcast?
In His Oscar Nominated Role In Tootsie Dustin Hoffmans Character Dons A Dress To Land A Part On What Fictional Soap?
In Its 30 Years Of Flight Ending In 2011 NASAs Space Shuttle Program Flew How Many Missions?
In Its A Wonderful Life George Receives A Message From His Guardian Angel Inscribed In What Book?
In Its Lesser Known Verses What Popular Song Tells The Story Of A Headstrong Woman Named Nelly Kelly?
In Its Shocking Twist Ending What Character Name In The Usual Suspects Is Revealed To Have Come From The Bottom Of A Coffee Cup?
In January 1995 Who Became The First Celebrity To Appear In The Well Known Milk Mustache Ad Campaign?
In Margaret Mitchells Early Drafts Of Gone With The Wind What Was Scarlett O Haras First Name?
In Moonstruck Chers Character Says You Know I Dont Think She Was Gonna Die After Being Taken To What Italian Opera?
In One Of The Shortest Oscar Speeches On Record What Stunned Actor Merely Said Its My Privilege Thank You?
In Order To Win A Bet What Historical Female Once Allegedly Dissolved A Pearl In Vinegar And Drank It?
In Psychology The Tendency For People To Believe They Are Above Average Is An Effect Named After What Fictional Town?
In Pulp Fiction Christopher Walken Delivers A Humorous Monologue About What Treasured Object?
In Rain Man The Best Picture Of 1988 Beatles Fan Raymond Bonds With His Brother Singing What Classic Tune?
In Rocky The Italian Stallion Painfully Battles Apollo Creed For A Total Of How Many Rounds?
In Rudyard Kiplings Poem Gunga Din Gunga Din Works For The British Army As A What?
In Silence Of The Lambs Hannibal Lecter Recounts A Meal Of Fava Beans Chianti And The Liver Of What Unfortunate Visitor?
In Slumdog Millionaire Jamal Wins The 20 Million Rupees Top Prize Which Is How Much In US Dollars At The Films Debut?
In Stephen Spielbergs 1982 Classic ET Watches A Love Scene From What Film?
In The 1600s Philosopher Blaise Pascal Devised A Famous Wager Concerning What Issue?
In The 1890s Heroin Was Introduced Commercially To The US By Bayer As A Remedy For What Ailment?
In The 1920s The Term Makeup Was Popularized By Which Of These Cosmetics Companies?
In The 1961 Movie West Side Story The Jets Battle The Sharks After Triumphing Over What Other Gangs?
In The 1982 Movie Diner What Is The Name Of The Diner Where The Main Characters Hang Out?
In The 1994 Film Forrest Gump Forrest Makes Millions Through An Early Investment In What Company?
In The 1997 Movie Titanic Jack Wins Passage Onto The Doomed Vessel With What Poker Hand?
In The 1999 Film American Beauty Lester Burnham Quits His Job As An Ad Executive To Work At What Fictitious Fast Food Joint?
In The 2002 Film Catch Me If You Can Leonardo Dicaprio Uses What Comic Book Characters Name As An Alias?
In The 2005 Film Brokeback Mountain Ennis Only Keepsake Of His Relationship With Jack Is Jacks Old What?
In The Bizet Opera Carmen Flirtatious Carmen Works In What Type Of Establishment?
In The Blind Side Kathy Bates Miss Sue Tells Michael Oher That What Schools Football Field Is Full Of Dead Body Parts?
In The Boot Shaped Country Of Italy What Region Comprises The Toe?
In The Catcher In The Rye Holden Caulfield Wanders Manhattan Visiting All But Which Of These Famous NYC Locales?
In The Classic 1939 Film Gone With The Wind A Slap Happy Scarlett Ohara Wallops All But Which Of These Characters?
In The Classic 1942 Movie Bambi What Is Bambis First Word?
In The Classic 1975 Thriller Jaws We See The Deadly Shark Kill How Many People On Screen?
In The Classic Film Citizen Kane What Is The Name Of The Sled That Replaces Kanes Beloved Rosebud?
In The Classic Poem Casey At Bat What Is The Final Score?
In The DH Lawrence Novel Lady Chatterleys Lover Who Is Lady Chatterleys Lover?
In The Film Crash Anthony And Peter Carjack Which Of The Following Vehicles?
In The Garment Industry What Characteristic Of A Sports Jacket Is Referred To As Its Stance?
In The Godfather Film Series What Was Kays Maiden Name Before Becoming Mrs Michael Corleone?
In The Godfather Michael Corleone Learns His Father Has Been Shot After Taking Kay To See What Film?
In The Godfather Using A Gun Hidden In The Restroom Michael Murders His Fathers Assassins In What Italian Restaurant?
In The Graduate What Is The Name Of The Hotel Where Benjamin And Mrs Robinson Have Their Trysts?
In The Grimms Fairy Tale The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Is Described As Pied Because He Does What?
In The Hemingway Story The Old Man And The Sea What Baseball Player Does The Fisherman Most Admire?
In The Infamous 1974 Streaking Incident What Surprised Presenter Quipped Of The Pranksters Shortcomings?
In The James Bond Movies Bonds Only Marriage Was To A Bond Girl Played By Whom?
In The Movie Pulp Fiction Samuel L Jacksons Character Memorably Quotes What Book Of The Bible?
In The Oscar Winning Film The English Patient What Object Does Laszlo Give Katharine As A Symbol Of Their Illicit Love?
In The Popcorn Industry What Term Is Used To Refer To Kernels That Dont Pop?
In The Popular Folk Song Alouette What Type Of Bird Is Being Prepared For A Meal?
In The Racy French Phrase Menage A Trois The Word Menage Literally Means What?
In The Rocky Film Series Adrian Has What Maiden Name Before Becoming Mrs Balboa?
In The Rolling Stones Iconic Tongue And Lip Design Logo How Many Teeth Are Visible?
In The Shankshaw Redemption Andy Dufresne Is Punished For Playing What Opera On The Prison Loudspeakers?
In The Song Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Which Of These Facts About Grandma Is Not Revealed?
In The Therapy Scene In Austin Powers Dr Evil Makes All But Which Of The Following Claims About His Childhood?
In The TV Series The Brady Bunch What Is Carol Bradys Maiden Name?
In Travel & Leisures 2010 Survey What City Unseated Miami As Having The Most Attractive Residents In The US?
In Vittorio De Sicas Classic Film The Bicycle Thief The Main Character Needs A Bicycle To Do What Job?
In What Year Did Joan Rivers First Dish Out One Liners In Oscars Red Carpet Coverage For E!?
In Which Movie Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Not Repeat His Terminator Catchphrase Ill Be Back?
In Which Of These Countries Do Motorists Usually Drive On The Right Hand Side Of The Street?
In Which Of These Novels Is The Last Word Of The Novel The Same As The Title Of The Novel Itself?
Inaugurated In 1875 What Is The Oldest Continuously Running Sporting Event In The United States?
Influenza Was Named In The 15th Century By Italians Who Believed It Was Caused By The Influence Of What?
Introduced In 1847 The First Two Stamps Issued By The USPS Featured George Washington And What Other American?
Introduced In 1888 The First Vending Machine In The United States Dispensed What Item?
Introduced In 1912 What Was The First Flavor Of Life Savers Candy?
Ironically What Founding Father Had A Son Who Was Declared An Enemy To The Liberties Of This Country?
Issued In 1787 The US Governments First Official Coin Was A Penny Featuring Which Of These Mottos?
Issued On March 4 1974 What Celebrity Appeared On The Very First Cover Of People Magazine?
Joachim Prinz Who Spoke Just Before Martin Luther King At The 1963 March On Washington Is A What?
Jon Bon Jovi Once Said That He Held Itunes And What CEO Personally Responsible For Killing The Music Business?
Joseph Smith Founder Of The Mormon Church Believed The Garden On Eden Was Located Where?
Justin Biebers Manager Claims He Discovered The Young Talent On Youtube Singing What R&B Classic?
Keith Ellison The First Muslim Elected To The US Congress Was Sworn In On A Koran Once Owned By What President?
Kept In An Atlanta Bank Vault The Secret Formula For Classic Coca Cola Has What Mysterious Code Name?
Known For Creating Strong Female Characters Woody Allens Films Have Earned Oscars For All But Which Of These Actresses?
Known For Her Beauty Which Of These Historic Ladies Inspired The Name Of Cosmetics Retailer Sephora?
Known For His Reckless Spending What Movie Star Once Paid 276000 For A Dinosaur Skull?
Known For Ubiquitous Signs And Free Ice Water Wall Drug Is A Famously Kitschy Tourist Trap In What State?
Known Only By Her Headgear What Never Identified Woman Was Seen Taking Pictures At Jfks Fatal Motorcade?
Known To Big Bird As Just Snuffy Sesame Streets Mr Snuffleupagus Has What Rarely Used First Name?
Later Popularized In The Batman Comics Gotham Was First A NYC Term Coined By What Author?
Leonardo Da Vinci Wrote His Famous Notebooks Mainly Using What Unusual Method?
Like Barack Obama Which Of These US Presidents Penned A Number 1 NY Times Bestseller Before Taking Office?
Like TVs Lost Which Of These Movies Features A Fictional Airliner Called Oceanic?
Located At The Far Left Of The Keyboard The Lowest Note On An 88 Key Piano Is Known As The Low What?
Long Before Clash Of The Titans Whose 1870 Novel Made Mention Of The Mythical Creature Kraken?
Long Before Wrigley Native Americans Taught Colonists To Make Chewing Gum With Resin From What Evergreen?
Made By Corning The Hard Scratch Resistant Glass Found On Countless Tablets And Smartphones Is Called What?
Marc Cherry Titles Most Of His Desperate Housewives Episodes After Songs By Whom?
Mario Nintendos Most Famous Creation First Appeared In Donkey Kong Not As A Plumber But As A What?
Martin Luther King Jr Once Famously Said The Arc Of The Moral Universe Is Long But It Bends Towards What?
Measuring Over 9000 Miles In Length What Countrys Highway 1 Forms A Complete Loop Along Its Borders?
Melissa Mccarthy Has Revealed That She Based Her Oscar Nominated Role In Bridesmaids On What Male Celebrity?
Mexico Shares Its Southern Border With Guatemala And What Other Country?
Misinterpreted By Charles Manson The Beatles Song Helter Skelter Alludes To What Childhood Amusement?
More Common Than First Or Main What Is The Most Popular Street Name In The US?
Most Famous For His 1955 Novel Lolita Author Vladimir Nabokov Was Also An Expert In The Study Of What?
Most Scholars Agree Columbus First Landed In The New World On Coastline Now Part Of What Country?
Murdered In 1985 Zoologist Dian Fossey Was Buried With More Than A Dozen Of Her Gorillas In What Country?
Named After Her Father What Best Selling Author Was Born With The Unusual Name Howard Allen Obrien?
Named After His Bands 1998 Song What Musician Launched A Brand Of Wine Called The Dreaming Tree In 2011?
Named For A Greek Word Meaning Not Intoxicating What Gem Was Once Thought To Prevent Drunkenness?
Named For An English Stable Owner Which Of These Phrases Refers To A So Called Choice Of Just One Option?
Named For Its Resemblance To Germanys Wilhelm Ii The Emperor Tamarin Monkey Is Noted For Having What?
Neander Valley Where Original Neanderthal Man Remains Were Found Is Located In What Country?
Nephelococcygia Is The Practice Of Doing What?
New Zealand Is Named After A Province In What Nation?
Nominated Five Times Which Of These Hollywood Legends Never Won An Oscar For Best Director?
Not Factoring In Inflation The USDA Estimates That A Child Born In 2010 Costs About How Much To Raise To The Age Of 17?
Now A Museum The Memphis Motel Where Martin Luther King Jr Was Assassinated Has What Name?
Now Referring To A Tactic Used To Delay Legislation The Word Filibuster Originally Referred To What Outlaws?
Now Used To Refer To A Snooty Person The Word Snob Originally Referred To A Person With What Job?
Numbers Preceded By The Letter K Are Used To Identify The Over 600 Works By What Composer?
Of The Planets In Our Solar System Where Does Earth Rank In Terms Of Size?
Of These Classic Literary Works Which Is The Only One Completed By Its Author Before His Death?
Of These Famous Childrens Book Authors Who Was The Only One To Have Had Children?
Often Compared To The Champs Elysees What City Has A Prominent Avenue Called The Kudamm?
Often Referenced In Rap Songs What Alcoholic Beverage Was Originally Created In 1876 For Czar Alexander Ii?
On A Memorable 2011 Jersey Shore Episode Which Cast Member Inexplicably Slammed His Head Into A Concrete Wall?
On Amelia Earharts Historic 1932 Solo Flight Across The Atlantic Ocean She Landed In What Country?
On His Fathers Side Barack Obama Is A Descendant Of Which Of These African Ethnic Groups?
On Its Fateful Night What Precursor To Sos Did The Titanic Use When It First Signaled On Its Radio For Help?
On July 12 2000 Russia Launched A Rocket Into Space Bearing The Corporate Logo Of What Company?
On June 9 1790 The First Ever US Copyright Was Issued For A Book About What?
On Sesame Street The Feathers On The Big Bird Costume Excluding The Tail Are From What Bird?
On The California Coast What Kind Of Fish Is Known For Coming Ashore And Laying Its Eggs On The Beach?
On The Classic Cartoon Series Scooby Doo Where Are You? What Is Shaggys Real Name?
On The Classic Sitcom Gilligans Island What Characters Full Name Is Never Revealed On The Show?
On The Human Body A Second Toe That Is Longer Than The Big Toe Is A Harmless Condition Known As What?
On The Human Hand Which Of These Fingernails Typically Grows The Fastest?
On The List Of Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts What Is Given Instead Of The Traditional First Year Gift Of Paper?
On The TV Series Gilligans Island What Is Mrs Lovey Howells First Name?
Once Included In Its Countrys Name The Word Soviet Actually Means What In Russian?
One Of The Worlds Most Famous Gems The Hope Diamond Is Cut Into What Classic Shape?
Only Two Men Are Said To Have Run Unopposed For US President George Washington And Whom?
Opus Dei The Controversial Roman Catholic Organization Was Founded In 1928 In What Country?
Originally Called Cadabra What Country Changed Its Name After Someone Misheard It As Cadaver?
Originally Named Farrokh Bulsara Queen Singer Freddie Mercury Was Born In What Exotic Location?
Originally Reading Hollywoodland The Hollywood Sign Was Built As A Giant Advertisement For A What?
Patzer Is Slang For Someone Who Is Bad At Playing What?
People Who Have A Marked Physical Reaction To Beautiful Art Are Said To Suffer From What Syndrome?
Perhaps Because He Only Ever Won One Competitive Oscar Whose Statuette Sold At A 2011 Auction For Almost A Million Dollars?
Played At Wimbledon In 2010 The Longest Match In Tennis History Lasted How Long?
Poison Ivy Belongs To A Diverse Botanical Family That Also Includes The Cashew And What Tropical Fruit?
Popular With Gourmet Chefs Jerusalem Artichokes Are Not Artichokes But A Species Of What?
Popularized By Malcolm Gladwell Dunbars Number Suggests People Can Have At Most About How Many Friends?
Premiering In 2011 The NBC Comedy Up All Night Shares Its Name With A Single Released By What Band In 2011?
Prior To Stardom What Actress Worked As A Funeral Home Cosmetician To Make Ends Meet?
Prized For Their Distinctive Flavor Vanilla Beans Are The Fruit Of A Rare Type Of What Flower?
Produced By Thomas Edison The Earliest Surviving Copyrighted Movie Depicts A Man Doing What?
Prosopagnosia Is An Unusual Neurological Impairment That Renders A Person Unable To Do What?
Published In 1936 The First Issue Of Life Magazine Had A Margaret Bourke White Photo Of A What On Its Cover?
Quite The Opposite Of A Tropical Paradise Which Of These US States Is Home To A City Named Kokomo?
Red Vineyard At Arles Is Believed To Be The Only Painting Sold By What Artist During His Lifetime?
Registered In 1870 Which Of These Advertising Icons Is The Oldest US Food Trademark Still In Use Today?
Rejected For Financing Reasons A 1937 Congressional Bill Proposed Adding What Woman To Mount Rushmore?
Resigning Over His Countrys Debt Crisis In 2011 Former Prime Minister Of Greece George Papandreou Was Born In What US State?
Retail Giant Richard Sears Began His Career In 1886 When He Started A Company That Sold What?
Retired Broadcaster Elwood Edwards Is The Voice For What Famous Recorded Phrase?
Richard Nixon Helped Finance His First Congressional Campaign In 1946 With Money He Made Doing What?
Ron Wayne Who Would Be A Billionaire Today Had He Not Sold His 10% Stake For 800 Back In 1976 Co Founded What Company?
Ronald Reagan Once Claimed That He Was Given The Nickname Dutch In His Childhood Due To What?
Ronald Reagan Was Famous For His Love Of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans With What Flavor Being His Favorite?
Roughly How Far Apart Are Tora Bora And Bora Bora?
Roux En Y Is A Common Type Of Surgery Primarily Aimed At Achieving What Result?
Said By Elizabeth Taylor In An Oscar Winning Performance What A Dump! Is Originally A Line From What Bette Davis Film?
Santa Domingo And Port A Prince The Capitals Of Two Separate Countries Are Located On What Island?
Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Was First Advertised In The 1870s By What Company?
Selling 5 Million Copies In Just Two Days What Ernest Hemingway Work Was First Published In Life Magazine?
Sent By Samuel Morse In 1844 The First Public Telegram In America Had What Message?
Sesame Streets Bert And Ernie Happen To Share Their Names With A Cop And A Cabdriver From What Classic Film?
Short For Club Mediterranee Club Med Opened Its First Vacation Village In 1950 On What Island?
Shot In 1962 Marilyn Monroes Last Film Before Her Death Was An Unfinished Screwball Comedy With Dean Martin Called What?
Since 1978 Yankee Doodle Has Been The Official Has Been The Official Song Of What US State?
Since 2008 What Author Of The Lottery Has Lent Her Name To Annual Awards For Horror And Suspense Writing?
Since Winning A Hotly Contested Election In 2006 Felipe Calderon Has Been President Of What Country?
Site Of A Historic Battle The Alamo Mission Gets Its Name From A Spanish Word For A Type Of What?
So Named Because It Was Once Believed To Cure Kidney Stones Nephrite Is A Mineral Also Known As What?
Sparks Are Often Visible When You Bite Into Wint O Green Life Savers Due To The Presence Of What?
Spotted By Woody Allen And Diane Keaton In Central Park Who Makes An Uncredited Cameo In The 1977 Film Annie Hall?
Strawberry Field A Favorite Childhood Hangout Of John Lennons Was What Kind Of Establishment?
Suriphobia Which Has Nothing To Do With The Daughter Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Is The Fear Of What?
Tarzan Means What In Ape Language?
Thanks To Its Surging High Tech Sector What City Did Forbes Rank As Americas Most Wired In 2010?
The 1000 Bill Which The US Stopped Circulating In 1969 Features A Portrait Of What President?
The 1477 Union Of Archduke Maximilian Of Austria And Mary Of Burgundy Allegedly Begat What Tradition?
The 1909 Short Mr Flip Is Believed To Include The First Instance Of What Comedy Gag Captured On Film?
The 2000 Film The Legend Of Bagger Vance Is A Retelling Of What Religions Ancient Scripture?
The 90s Hit Macarena Tells The Story Of A Woman Who Cheats On Her Boyfriend A Man With What Name?
The Acclaimed 1976 Satirical Film Network Centers On What Fictional Network?
The American Heart Association Says The Average Adult Heart Pumps About How Much Blood Each Day?
The Aptly Titled Bugs Bunny Cartoon Rabbit Of Seville Features Music From A Famous Opera By What Composer?
The Barcalounger Company Says That What American Workplace Perk Began At Their Company In 1902?
The Bikini Takes Its Name From The Bikini Atoll A Coral Formation Located In What Pacific Island Group?
The British Royal Family Often Forgoes Surnames But Prince William Uses What Last Name In The Military?
The Cabinet Member Who Is Last In The Presidential Line Of Succession Is The Secretary Of What?
The Canadian National Flag Features A Stylized Red Maple Leaf That Has How Many Points?
The Childrens Modeling Clay Play Doh Was Originally Invented In 1933 For Use As A What?
The Chimes In Londons Big Ben Clock Tower Play A Tune From A Famous Work By What Composer?
The Coffee Tree Is Believe To Have Originated In The Kaffa Region Of What Present Day Country?
The Darien Gap The Only Break In The Highway System That Runs From Alaska To Chile Lies Between What Two Countries?
The Earth Is Approximately How Many Miles From The Sun?
The Events Described In The Classic Novel Catcher In The Rye Take Place Over How Many Days?
The Expression Red Letter Day Derives From An Old Custom Of Using Red Ink On Calendars To Indicate What?
The Famous 4 Note Opening To Beethovens Fifth Symphony Consists Of Three Quick G Notes Followed By A Long What?
The Famously Haunting Score Of The Film Jaws Opens With What Ominously Repeating First Two Notes?
The Fictional Columbian Town Of Macondo Is The Setting Of Which Of These Classic Novels?
The Fictional Hero Of The Scarlet Pimpernel Uses As His Emblem A Scarlet Pimpernel Which Is A Type Of What?
The First Legoland Theme Park Opened In 1968 In What Country?
The First McDonalds Happy Meal To Feature A Movie Tie In Promoted What Popular Film?
The First Thirteen Games Of The Ancient Olympics Featured What Sole Event?
The First X Ray Photograph Taken Of The Human Body Was An Image Of The Hand Of What Scientists Wife?
The Fort McHenry Flag That Inspired The Composition Of The Star Spangled Banner Had How Many Stars?
The Host Of The Oscars Who Made A Comment About Someone Streaking Was?
The Inscription Pass And Stow Appears On Which Of These US Landmarks?
The Late Rapper Tupac Shukar Was Named After Tupac Amaru Ii An 18th Century Revolutionary In What Country?
The Leaning Tower Of Pisa Leans In What Direction?
The Mascot Of Colombian Coffee Growers And Icon Juan Valdez Is Flanked By A Trusty Mule Named What?
The Melody For The Wedding Song Known As Here Comes The Bride Is From What Wagner Opera?
The Movie Sideways Ends With Paul Giamattis Character Finally Uncorking His Prized Possession A Bottle Of What Wine?
The Name Of A Type Of Asian Dumpling Won Ton Is Chinese For What Two Words?
The Narrator Of Which Of These Movies Never Actually Appears As A Character In The Film?
The Oldest Living Oscar Winner Is 102 Year Old Luise Rainer Who Won Her First Statuette In 1937 For What Movie?
The Only Item That William Shakespeare Left His Wife Anne In His Will Was His Second Best What?
The Only Person Named Oscar Ever To Win An Oscar Won In Both 1942 And 1946 In What Category?
The Only Woman Ever To Be Awarded The Medal Of Honor Received It For Her Service In What War?
The Original Declaration Of Independence Is Housed In A Sealed Case Filled With What Inert Gas?
The Oscar Winning Animated Film Wall E Prominently Features Footage Of What Oscar Nominated Movie Musical?
The Pepperidge In The Name Of The Pepperidge Farm Brand Of Baked Goods Refers To A What?
The Philippines Is An Archipelago That Is Comprised Of Approximately How Many Individual Islands?
The Phrase Eating Humble Pie Originally Referred To A Dish Made From The Innards Of What Animal?
The Popular Surfing Expression Cowabunga originated On Which Of These TV Shows?
The Prehistoric Archaeopteryx Is Believed By Many Scientists To Be An Early Specimen Of Which Of These Animal Types?
The Prop Mask That The Killer Wears In The 1978 Film Halloween Is A Painted Mask Of What TV Character?
The Pua Alohalo Is Hawaiis Official State What?
The Rarely Heard Second Verse Of The Star Spangled Banner Begins What With Phrase?
The Real Life St Nicholas Is Known To Have Been A Bishop In A Region That Is Not Part Of What Country?
The Rolling Stones Classic Tongue Logo First Appeared On The Label Of What Album?
The Sandwich Is Said To Have Been Invented By John Montagu The 4th Earl Of Sandwich So He Could Eat While Doing What?
The Saying Dont Give Up The Ship Comes From The Last Words Of Captain James Lawrence In What War?
The Sazerac A Mix Of Rye Whiskey Bitters And Absinthe Is The Official Cocktail Of What US City?
The Son Of A Jazz Promoter Billy Crystal Was Taken To His First Movie By What Legendary Singer?
The Sony Walkman Was Originally Marketed In The US Under What Name?
The Subject Of Richard Wagners Famous Composition Ride Of The Valkyries A Valkyry Is A What?
The Symbol For A Popular Japanese Beer The Kirin Closely Resembles What Mythical Creature?
The Term Slush Fund Was Originally Used By Sailors To Refer To The Side Money They Made Selling What?
The Tesla Roadster The Worlds First Electric Sports Car Is Named For Nikola Tesla The Inventor Of The What?
The Title Of The 2009 Film Drive Angry 3d Is Taken From Dont Drive Angry! A Line Bill Murray Says In What Movie?
The Title Of The Academy Award Winning Song From Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho Roughly Means What In Hindi?
The US Icon Uncle Sam Was Based On Samuel Wilson Who During The War Of 1812 Was A What?
The Voyager Space Proves Traveling To Interstellar Space Bear Notes To Extraterrestrials From What US President?
The Well Known Phrase A Clear And Present Danger Was Coined In 1919 By Which Of The Following?
The Word Boycott Comes From The Name Of Charles C Boycott Who Was Ostracized In 1880 For Not Doing What?
The Word Plagiarism Comes From The Latin Word Plagiarius Meaning What?
The Word School Is Derived From A Greek Word That Had What Original Meaning?
The Youngest Actor Ever Nominated For An Oscar Was 8 Year Old Justin Henry Who Played The Kid In What Movie?
This Is My Rifle There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine Is A Famous Line From What Oscar Nominated War Movie?
Though Born In The US Which Of These Film Directors Is An English Baron?
Though He Would Grow Up To Win An Oscar As A Kid What Actor Had Balls Palsy A Condition That Partially Paralyzes The Face?
Though His Real Name Is Riley B King The Initials In Guitarist BB Kings Stage Name Stand For What?
Though It Has Since Expired In 1977 A Patent Was Successfully Obtained For Which Of These Hairstyles?
Though Its Now Known As The Thinker Sculptor Auguste Rodin Once Gave His Iconic Statue What Title?
Though Long Associated With New York The Legendary Yankees Has Its Origins In What Other Eastern City?
Though Most Famous For Other Endeavors Which Businessman Is Known For Inventing The Charcoal Briquette?
Though Most Trees Have A Layer Of Cork Bark Most Of The Worlds Supply Of Cork Comes From A Species Of What?
Though Not Smelling As Nice Onions Are Commonly Classified In The Same Family As What Flower?
Though Not Toxic In Reasonable Amounts Which Of These Foods Contains The Radioactive Element Radium?
Though Now Mostly Void Of Big Name Businesses Londons Fleet Street Is Short For What Industry?
Though Set At A Fictional School The 1978 Comedy Animal House Is Based On A Real Frat At What College?
Though She Would Later Don Countless Outfits The First Barbie Doll Sold In 1959 Was Wearing What?
Though The Field Has Few Phds Pogonology Is The Study Of What?
Though The Scene Didnt End Up In The Final Cut What Oscar Nominated Film Originally Ended With An Enormous Pie Fight?
Though They All Have Birth In 2011 Which Of These Actresses New Babies Arrived Earliest In The Year?
Though Theyve All Been In More Than One Which Of These Actors Has Appeared In The Most Spike Lee Films?
Though Tom Cruises Camp Says It Is Hebrew For Princess Suri Also Means What In Japanese?
Though Treasured Today What Famous Painting Was Once Cut Into To Enlarge A Doorway?
Thought To Be The Source Of A Classic Joke Knock Knock Knock! Whos There? Is A Line From What Shakespeare Play?
Tik Tok A Chart Topping Hit By Kesha Is Also The Name Of A Character In The Work Of What Childrens Author?
To A Physicist A Quark Is A Subatomic Particle But To A Chef A Quark Is A What?
To A Winemaker A Bung Is A What?
To Complete The Ironman Triathlon One Must Swim Bike And Run About How Many Miles In Total?
To End The Cuban Missile Crisis The US Agreed To Remove Its Nuclear Missiles From What Country?
To Maximize His Time What Famous Thinker Allegedly Only Took Short Naps Throughout Each 24 Hour Period?
To Perform Composer John Cages 1952 Piece 4 33 What Must A Pianist Do?
To The Delight Of Singles Everywhere Speeddating Was Invented In 1998 By An Individual With What Profession?
Traditionally Hailed As The Pilgrims Landing Spot In 1620 Plymouth Rock Is What Type Of Rock?
Traveling Over 200000 Miles To Nearly 40 Nations Secretary Of State Hilary Clinton Visited All But Which Of These Countries In 2011?
TV Actor Richard Belzer Has Appeared As Detective John Munch On All But Which Of These Shows?
TVs The Simpsons Is Set In Fictional Springfield A Sly Reference To The Locale Of What 50s Sitcom?
Uncle Sam Is The Name Of The Largest What Ever Discovered In The US?
Under President Ford 34 Year Old Dick Cheney Became The Youngest Man To Hold What Position?
Unlike Its Source Material Which Of These 90s Film Adaptations Features A Happy Ending?
Until Switching Over To Vanilla In The 1940s Hostess Twinkies Had What Flavor Cream Filling?
Until They Were Also Discovered In Brazil In The 1720s Most Of The Worlds Diamonds Came From What Country?
Used To Describe A Carefree Lifestyle Bohemian Refers To An Area In What Modern Day Country?
Used To Describe A Particular Type Of Government Rule Junta Is A Spanish Word That Literally Means What?
Used To Describe Someone Who Is Annoyingly Virtuous The Phrase Little Two Goody Shoes Comes From A What?
Using Data From A Probe In Outer Space NASA Is Able To Calculate That Our Universe Is Precisely How Old
Usually Referred To By His First Name The Renaissance Artist Michelangelo Had What Surname?
Viewed From Above The Suns North Pole Which Of These Planets Is The Only One To Rotate Clockwise?
Visibly Dehydrated Michael Jordans Legendary Flu Game Came Against What 1997 NBA Finals Opponent?
Voiced By Candice Bergen What Is The Name Of Hal 9000S Sibling Computer Featured In The Movie 2010?
Warfarin A Popular Blood Thinner Medication Was Originally Developed And Is Still Used As A What?
Well Known To Coin Collectors The Toven Specimen Is An Extremely Rare Example Of What Type Of Coin?
What 40s Screen Siren Was Also An Inventor Patenting A Technology That Would Later Be Used In Modern Cell Phones?
What Actress Voice Was Used When Developing The Voice Of ET The Extra Terrestrial?
What Actress Was Discovered At A Canadian Football Game When Her Image Appeared On The Jumbotron?
What Age Was Rosa Parks When She Refused To Give Up Her Seat On The Bus In 1955?
What Are The Dimensions Of Leonardo Da Vincis Famous Painting Mona Lisa?
What Artist Coined The Word Mobile To Describe A Type Of Moving Sculpture Popularized In The 1930s?
What Artist Popularized The Use Of The Elephant And Donkey As Symbols Of Our Two Main Political Parties?
What Author Is Credited With Coining The Phrase Seeing Pink Elephants To Refer To A Drunk Person?
What Author Who Ironically Once Wrote There Are No Second Acts In American Lives Only Lived To Age 44?
What Authors Tombstone Reads So We Beat On Boats Against The Current Borne Back Ceaselessly Into The Past?
What Automakers Name Is A Word That Means Modern In Its Home Country?
What Baseball Player Was The First To Have His Signature Printed On A Louisville Slugger Bat?
What Beers Label Features The Phrase Anno 1366 Referring To The Year It Was First Allegedly Brewed?
What Cast Member Of The 2011 Film New Years Eve Also Appears In Its 2010 Holiday Themed Forerunner Valentines Day?
What Celestial Object Was Named In 1930 By An Eleven Year Old Girl Named Venetia Burney?
What Central American Country Was Named By Columbus After The Spanish Word For Depths?
What Classic Novel Is Based On The Adventures Of Alexander Selkirk An Early 18th Century Scottish Sailor?
What Club Did Astronaut Alan Shepard Use To Make His Famous Golf Shot On The Moon?
What Company Was Started In 1907 By Two Seattle Teenagers With A 100 Loan And A Bicycle?
What Companys Stock Has Been A Part Of The Dow Jones Industrial Average The Longest?
What Country Has The Worlds Most Vending Machines Per Capita About One For Every 23 People?
What Countrys Capital City Has A Name That Means Capital In Its Native Tongue?
What Cultures Mythology Holds That All Life Was Created During A Period Known As Dreamtime?
What Disease Is Believed To Have Been Responsible For Up To Half Of All Human Deaths Since The Stone Age?
What Do The Six Flags Historically Stand For In The Six Flags Amusement Park Chain?
What Does An Oniomaniac Love To Do?
What Does Diane Keaton Say Right Before Saying La Dee Dah?
What Does The Russian Name Sputnik Mean In English?
What Dr Seuss Book Character Was Loosely Based On Adolf Hitler?
What Elvis Presley Song Was Originally A Hit For Blues Singer Willie Mae Big Mama Thornton In 1953?
What European Capitals Airport Is Named In Honor Of Its Famous Resident Composer Frederick Chopin?
What Event Inspired The Worlds First Ticker Tape Parade?
What Explorer Who Landed On The Australian Coast In 1770 Was The First To Record The Word Kangaroo?
What Extremely Tall Author Once Used The Pen Name John Lange A German Surnamed Meaning Long?
What Famous Piece Of Classical Music Is Memorably Featured In The 1980 Film Ordinary People?
What Famous Thinker Is Credited With Inventing The Cat Flap A Small Hole In A Door Pets Use To Enter And Exit?
What Famous Wit Reputedly Said On His Deathbed Either That Wallpaper Goes Or I Do?
What Famously Quotable Female Head Of State Once Told Her Foreign Minister Dont Be So Humble Youre Not That Great?
What Film Actress Is The Daughter Of Two Former Porn Stars Who Reportedly Met On The Set Of Deep Throat?
What Film Actresss Death Was Reported On The Front Page Of The Debut Issue Of USA Today?
What Great Thinker Allegedly Died From Stuffing Snow Into A Chicken For An Experiment On Refrigeration?
What Hawaiian Island Was Once Called The Pineapple Island Because The Dole Company Owned Most Of It?
What Historic Item Was Accidentally Discovered In 1940 By Four Teenage Boys Looking For Lost Treasure?
What Hollywood Leading Man Made His Big Screen Debut In The 1991 Sci Fi Comedy Critters 3?
What Hollywood Legends Wry Last Words Were I Should Never Have Switched From Scotch To Martinis?
What Is Bart Simpsons Middle Name?
What Is The Actual Line Of Dialogue In Casablanca that Is Often Misquoted As Play It Again Sam?
What Is The First Name Of Blues Guitar Legend BB King?
What Is The First Name Of The Star Trek Character Often Referred To By Captain Cook As Mr Sulu?
What Is The International Radio Signal For An Emergency Not Quite As Severe As Mayday?
What Is The Name Of The East Coast Peninsula That Includes Land From Virginia Delaware And Maryland?
What Is The Name Of The Young Boy In Ernest Hemingways Story The Old Man And The Sea?
What Is The Only Central American Nation With English As Its Official Language?
What Is The Only Character In Film That Has Won Two Different Actors The Academy Award?
What Is The Only Country In The World In Which The Head Of State Is A Grand Duke?
What Is The Rough Translation Of Buzkashi The Name Of A Popular Sport In Afghanistan?
What Is The Subject Of The Proposed Legislation In The Schoolhouse Rock Cartoon Im Just A Bill?
What Is The Unlikely Author Of Both The Texas Saw Chain Massacre And Its 2003 Remake?
What Island Is Often Identified On Maps By Its Local Name Kalaallit Nunaat?
What Jim Carrey Movie Features The Millionaire Inspired Line Is That Your Final Answer?
What Legendary Entertainer Was Buried With 1008 So Hed Always Have Enough Money To Play Cards?
What Lesser Known Patrick Swayze Film Was The First Movie To Be Released With A Pg 13 Rating?
What Line Appeared On The Reverse Side Of President Trumans The Buck Stops Here Desk Sign?
What Lovey Dovey Couples Barbara Walters Interview Inspired The Love Song I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing?
What Mammal Has The Shortest Known Gestation Period An Average Of Just 12.5 Days?
What Martial Arts Name Literally Means The Gentle Way?
What Middle Eastern Country Is Composed Of A Series Of Islands Located In The Persian Gulf?
What Movie Icons Body Was Buried Under Six Feet Of Concrete After It Was Stolen And Recovered In 1978?
What Now Famous Person Served As The Model For Diane Arbus Iconic 1968 Photo A Very Young Baby?
What Oscar Nominated Actor Made His Big Screen Debut As Duke The Dog Faced Boy In 1988S Big Top Pee Wee?
What Oscar Winning Directors First Feature Length Film Was The 1981 Low Budget Horror Flick Piranha 2 The Spawning?
What Oscar Winning Film Features The Line I Believe God Made Me For A Purpose But He Also Made Me Fast?
What Popular Ski Resort Town Was Founded By The Union Pacific Railroad To Boost Winter Ticket Sales?
What Popular TV Host Once Appeared On An Episode Of Star Trek Enterprise As Alien Trader Dmarr?
What Popular Womens Magazine Began In The 1930s As A Menu Leaflet Handed Out At A&P Supermarkets?
What President Allowed His Daughter To Use The White House For Her High School Senior Prom?
What President Remarried His Wife 3 Years After Their Wedding Because Her First Divorce Wasnt Finalized?
What President Was The First To Use The Oval Office As His Personal Workspace And Also Had The Idea To Make It Oval?
What Real Life European Castle And Tourist Attraction Is The Inspiration For Disneylands Sleeping Beauty Castle?
What Real US Politician Tells The Joker Were Not Intimidated By Thugs In The Movie The Dark Knight?
What Shakespeare Play Contains The Famous Line The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth?
What Sitcom Comedienne Sang The National Anthem At Game 4 Of The 2011 World Series?
What Songs Famous Melody Was Written In 1893 By Sisters Patty And Mildred Hill?
What State Can Boast That It Has Produced The Most Miss America Pageant Winners?
What State Has Voted For The Winning Candidate In 24 Of The Last 25 Presidential Elections?
What State Is Home To Northwest Angle The Only Land In The Lower 48 States That Is North Of The 49th Parallel?
What Team Were The Yankees Playing The Night Lou Gehrig Delivered His Famous Luckiest Man Speech?
What Tribute Is Inscribed On The Back Of The US Militarys Purple Heart Medal?
What TV Couple Resided At 623 East 68th Street In New York City?
What US President Reportedly Once Hosted A Seance In The White House To Ask The Spirits For Political Advice?
What US President Was Shot At Twice At Point Blank Range But Survived Because Both Guns Misfired?
What US Presidents Farewell Address Famously Warned Americans Against The Military Industrial Complex?
What US States Lottery Introduced In 1964 Is The Oldest State Run Lottery Still In Existance?
What US States Name Is Believed To Derive From A Mythical Paradise Described In A 1510 Spanish Novel?
What Video Game Character Lent Its Name To A Human Gene That Affects Finger And Toe Placement?
What Was The First Institution In The United States To Be Officially Chartered As A University?
What Was The Name Of The First Chimpanzee Sent Into Space By NASA?
What Was The Occupation Of Edward A Murphy Jr The Supposed Namesake Of Murphys Law?
What Well Known Organization Has The Motto For The Benefit Of All?
What Would Be The Title Of Thelma And Louise If The Characters Last Names Replaced Their First Names?
What Writer Coined The Term Atomic Bomb Approximately Thirty Years Before Its Invention?
When England Adopted The New Gregorian Calendar In 1752 People Complained That They Lost How Many Days?
When Filled To Capacity What Colleges Football Stadium Becomes The Third Largest City In Its State?
When Introduced In 1932 The 3 Musketeers Candy Bar Had Three Pieces Chocolate Vanilla And What?
When It Runs Out Of Names For Tropical Storms The World Meteorological Organization Uses What Instead?
When President Garfield Was Shot In 1881 Who Invented A Type Of Metal Detector To Try To Find The Bullet?
When The Ipod Turned Ten Years Old In 2011 Apple Had Sold Roughly How Many Of Them?
When The Social Security Administration Began Tracking The Most Popular Baby Names In 1880 What Two Names Topped The List?
Where Are Fraunhofer Lines?
Where Would You Likely Find The Warning Contains Phenylalanine?
Which 2011 Comedy Starred The White Houses Former Associate Director For The Office Of Public Engagement?
Which Animal Is Considered To Be The Most Fearless?
Which Author Is Among The Few To Have Topped Both The NY Times Fiction And Non Fiction Bestseller Lists?
Which Authors First And Only Novel Was Awarded The Pulitzer Prize In Fiction?
Which First Lady Was A Ninth Generation Descendant Of Pocahantas?
Which Movie Was Reportedly So Bad It Inspired The Golden Raspberry Awards Which Honor Hollywoods Worst Films?
Which Of The Following Men Does Not Have A Chemical Element Named For Him?
Which Of The Following Was Not One Of The Nine Original Beanie Babies Introduced In 1993?
Which Of The Music On The Epic 1982 Album Thriller Was Recorded By Members Of What 80s Group?
Which Of These 80s Movies Never Spawned An Animated Television Series?
Which Of These Actors Has Appeared In Films Directed By Spike Lee And Ang Lee?
Which Of These Actors Won An Oscar For A Role In Which He Had A Beard?
Which Of These Adjectives Is Not One Of The Twelve Featured In The Boy Scout Law?
Which Of These Ancient Greek Philosophers First Wrote About The Lost Civilization Of Atlantis?
Which Of These Animals Is Reportedly Responsible For The Most Human Deaths In Africa?
Which Of These Artists Is Notorious For Singing Through Auto Tune Pitch Correction Software?
Which Of These Best Picture Winning Films Features An Oscar Statuette As A Prop In One Of Its Scenes?
Which Of These Cartoon Characters Is Usually Squinting?
Which Of These Celebrities Is Not A Twin?
Which Of These Cheeky Lyrics Is Not In Spinal Taps Ode To The Backside Big Bottom?
Which Of These Cities Is Famous For Its Catacombs Underground Tunnels Used To House Millions Of Skeletal Remains?
Which Of These Classic Literary Characters Were Created By The Same Author?
Which Of These Classic Novels Was Published When The Author Was Only 20 Years Old?
Which Of These Classic Toys Had Its Official Launch In 1978 At New Yorks Famous Disco Studio 54?
Which Of These Classic Works Of Literature Features The First Known Use Of The Word Satanic?
Which Of These Comedians Does Not Voice A Smurf In The 2011 Move The Smurfs?
Which Of These Common Foods Was Unknown In Europe Prior To The Discovery Of The New World?
Which Of These Countries Is Not Home To A Blue Zone A Region With An Unusually High Number Of Centenarians?
Which Of These Countries Remained Officially Neutral During Both Wwi And Wwii?
Which Of These Countries’ People Usually Eat With Fork And Spoon Only Using Chopsticks For Noodles?
Which Of These Creatures Are Featured In Salvador Dalis 1931 Painting The Persistence Of Memory?
Which Of These Directors Is Credited In One Of His Own Oscar Nominated Films As Man With Knife?
Which Of These Dishes Is Named In Honor Of An Italian Opera Singer Who Was Famous In The Early 1900s?
Which Of These Disney Cartoon Characters Debuted The Earliest Alongside Mickey In Steamboat Willie?
Which Of These Does Not Complete A Real Title In The Chicken Soup Series Of Inspirational Books?
Which Of These Exotic Islands Is Known To Locals As Rapa Nui?
Which Of These Familiar Movie Quotes Was Not Part Of An Academy Award Winning Performance?
Which Of These Family TV Sitcoms Featured A Married Couple That Was Actually Married In Real Life?
Which Of These Famous Americans Was A Founding Member Of The ACLU?
Which Of These Famous Musical Frontmen Briefly Attended The London School Of Economics?
Which Of These Famous Plays Ends With A Woman Blowing Out Candles?
Which Of These Famous Structures Was Completed Most Recently?
Which Of These Films Is Not A So Called Big Five Film A Film That Won Oscars In All Top Five Categories?
Which Of These Food Items Was Not Featured In The First Ever Swanson TV Dinner?
Which Of These Foreign Greetings Derives From A Phrase Meaning I Am Your Slave?
Which Of These Foreign Language Editions Of Scrabble Omits The Letters J K W X And Y From Its Tiles?
Which Of These Founding Fathers Was Known To Be An Occasional Vegetarian?
Which Of These Good Movies Was Good Enough To Win Two Academy Awards?
Which Of These Government Agencies Is Headquartered In Atlanta?
Which Of These Great Painters Is Commonly Known By The Name Of His Home Town Not By His Birth Name?
Which Of These Hit Songs Is A Prime Example Of The Late 80s Musical Genre Called New Jack Swing?
Which Of These Insects Shorted Out An Early Supercomputer Giving Rise To The Term Computer Bug?
Which Of These Is Not A Name Given By Astronomers To A Geographical Location Of The Moon?
Which Of These Is The Name Of A Bakery That Has Been An Official Girl Scout Cookie Producer Since 1939?
Which Of These Is The Title Of An Unfinished Mark Twain Novel First Published 59 Years After His Death?
Which Of These Is The Title Of Two Different Movies One Nominated For Best Picture In 1953 And The Other In 2002?
Which Of These Legendary Actors Is The Only One To Not Appear In Three Different Best Picture Oscar Winning Films?
Which Of These Legendary Baseball Players Had A Dramatic End To His Career Famously Hitting A Home Run At His Last At Bat?
Which Of These Locales Is Not Mentioned In Martin Luther King Jrs Famous I Have A Dream Speech?
Which Of These Materials Is Used By Tibetan Buddhhists To Construct Circular Diagrams Called Mandalas?
Which Of These Medical Conditions Is Also Known As Telangiectasia?
Which Of These Men Caused Controversy As A Fierce Opponent Of The United States Entry Into WWII?
Which Of These Men Was Elected To The US Presidency Despite Losing The Popular Vote?
Which Of These Minor Characters From TVs Lost Does Not Share His Name With A Prominent Philosopher?
Which Of These Monarchs Is The Only One To Have Ruled England Longer Than Than Its Current Queen Elizabeth Ii?
Which Of These Movies Was Nominated For 11 Academy Awards Only To Win None Of Them?
Which Of These Names Never Appeared On The Infamous Enemies List Kept By Nixons White House Counsel?
Which Of These Nationality Related Words Has Never Appeared In The Title Of A Film That Won The Oscar For Best Picture?
Which Of These Novelty Items Makes Use Of A Technological Process Called Microencapsulation?
Which Of These Objects Must Weigh Between 3 Pounds 6 Ounces And 3 Pounds 10 Ounces?
Which Of These Olympic Events Would Most Likely Be Performed By A Toxophilite?
Which Of These Oscar Winning Actresses Won Their Statuette On Their First Nomination?
Which Of These Oscar Winning Musicals Stars A Lead Actress Whose Singing Parts Were Largely Dubbed?
Which Of These Planets Average Orbital Paths Come Closest To One Another?
Which Of These Potent Potables Is Not One Of The 50 Official Flavors Of Jelly Belly Jellybeans?
Which Of These Products Is Traditionally Pink Because Its Inventor Only Had Pink Dye On Hand At The Time Of Its Creation?
Which Of These Retailers Is Credited With Inventing The Quilted Goose Down Jacket After Suffering A Bout Of Hypothermia In 1936?
Which Of These Science Fiction Authors Is Credited With The Invention Of The Word Robotics?
Which Of These States Has Never Had A Governor Who Later Became A US President?
Which Of These Stephen King Novels Features A Villain Who Sometimes Goes By The Alias Bob Gray?
Which Of These Words Cannot Be Turned Into Its Own Opposite By Replacing Less With Ful?
Which Of These Words Meaning Disaster Is Also The Name Of A Straw Colored Wine Often Used For Chianti?
Which Of These World Cities Occupy Roughly The Same Latitude?
Which One Of These Events Happened In The 80s And Not The 70s?
Which Person Is Not One Of The Seven To Have Been Granted Honorary US Citizenship By Congress?
Which Piece Of US Currency Was The First To Use The Motto In God We Trust?
While A Larynx Is The Vocal Organ Of A Human A Syrinx Is The Vocal Organ Of What Animal?
While About 90% Of The Atoms In The Universe Are Hydrogen The Remaining 10% Are Mostly All What?
While At The White House What Was George W Bushs Unusual Writing Implement Of Choice?
While Making His Seminal Film Citizen Kane Orson Welles Reportedly Studied What Other Film Over 40 Times For Tips?
While President Bill Clinton Sent Only Two Official E Mails One Test Message And One Message To Whom?
While Singing The Title Song In Singin In The Rain Gene Kelly Dances By All But Which Of These Establishments?
While Still A Teenager Which Of These Soft Rocking Crooners Fought 22 Fights As A Welterweight Boxer?
While The First Music Video Ever To Air On MTV Was By The Buggles The Second Was By Whom?
While The Winner Of The Kentucky Derby Is Draped In Red Roses The Belmont Stakes Winner Receives A Garland Of What?
Who Beat Out Jessica Tandy As The Oldest Winner Of An Academy Award?
Who Chaired The Senate Judiciary Committee During The 1991 Anita Hill Clarence Thomas Hearings?
Who Did Artist Grant Wood Use As The Model For The Farmer In His Classic Painting American Gothic?
Who Is The Only Astronaut Known To Have Given Himself Communion On The Surface Of The Moon?
Who Is The Only Character Mentioned By Name In The Famous Opening Crawl At The Start Of The 1977 Movie Star Wars?
Who Was The First Australian Born Actor To Win An Academy Award?
Who Was The First US President Born A Citizen Of The Newly Independent United States Of America?
Who Was The First US President Whose Body Was Embalmed?
Who Wrote Bartletts Familiar Quotations Is An Admirable Book A Quote Now Listed In Bartletts?
Who Wrote The 1865 Book Of Poetry Drum Taps While A War Correspondent For The New York Times?
Who Wrote The Famous Poem That Begins A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever?
Whose Left Arm Is Buried More Than A Hundred Miles Away From The Rest Of His Body?
Whose New York Times Obituary Mentioned That Since 1889 He Had Been Hopelessly Insane?
Winner Of The 2011 Celebrity Apprentice Country Star John Rich Competed Against All But Which Of These Celebrities?
With A Total Of Eight Born There What State Has Produced More US Presidents Than Any Other?
With Increased Amounts Of The Rare Nutrient Glucoraphanin In 2011 Scientists Announced A Super Version Of What Vegetable?
With Less Than 5 Persons Per Square Mile What Is The Most Sparsely Populated Country On Earth?
With Over 20% Of The Worlds Forests What Nation Has More Forestland Than Any Other?
With Perhaps Most Churches Per Capita In The US What City Is Known As The Protestant Vatican?
With The Instruction Guard This Object Carefully In 1888 Vincent Van Gogh Sliced Off A Portion Of His Ear And Gave It To Whom?
Worn By The Antagonists In The Scream Series The Ghostface Mask Was Inspired By A Famous Painting By What Artist?
Written By Joe David Brown The Novel Addie Pray Was Adapted Into What Critically Acclaimed 1973 Film?
Years Before FDR Said Something Similar Who Wrote The Line Nothing Is So Much To Be Feared As Fear?
You Be Careful Out Among Them English Is The Last Line From What Film?

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